Ikwuagwu igwe

2023 VIP


2023 VIP. who is it for you? For me, I think it has to be the person reading this now with the intention to have different results from him or she saw in 2022.

Various themes for the year have been flying around and I am sure you have claimed the one that will work for you. However, there’s one very important factor that you must consider.

That is the “you” factor. You are the 2023 VIP you should know.

You must find time and focus on yourself.

You are the game changer in the entire equation.

Give no thought to anyone who will come preaching that you should put others first because if there is no you, then you are useless to others.

You deserve to have the spotlight, be pampered, and be developed to serve more.

There will be no sustainable change around you if there is no change within you. You must first become a person of prosperity, excellence and discipline before all else around you fall into place.

This is a call for you to work harder than you use to but in the direction of ‘you’. Again I say that you must come first before every other person.

It is time for you to evolve, transform and become the best version that will keep evolving.

I am rooting for you because I believe you can.

I love you!


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