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You failed at something is not the definition of your entire life result, you have simply been given another opportunity to do it again.

Failure is an asset, and you should build your assets to become a tower. Success becomes a liability when it becomes your zenith because it can keep you stagnant.
The more you fail, the more your value appreciates. But seldom do we see failure in this light. Society has taught us to see failure as a plague that we should keep our distance at the sight or perception of it.

What we have been taught

We have been taught to see failure as demonic and as a curse. Sadly, our religious circles have not helped matters in this regard.
When we put failure in its proper perspective, then our generation will better appreciate the place of hard work. This will better appreciate the attempt to rise than the result of hard work at the expense of the efforts.

I believe that the venture to try in the first place is an advantage over failure. So, any inability to reach the desired mark shouldn’t be counted as a failure but an asset.
I would rather prefer a man who has tried a particular kick 10,000x than a man who has tried 10,000x kicks one-time. Because the former has gained mastery over that particular kick, thereby making him an asset on that one kick.

Increased value via failure

But until we begin to see our value appreciate in the face of failure, we cannot achieve this mastery. We will only continue in the same trajectory of popular belief about failure.
Failure is an asset. The more you fail, the wiser you become. Valuable experience is gained at the experience of failure. The fear of failure shouldn’t keep you from making an attempt but it should push you further to make a change and create needed value.

Failure becomes an asset when we fail forward. You failed, should indeed be seen as an accolade.

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