Ikwuagwu igwe

when you are in love


What do you do when you are in love?
I believe you will be willing to give anything to see your lover happy.

Some of us men do not check the price tag as long as we can afford it when it comes to our wives right? Same with the women.

You want to see your lover happy.
You want to see your lover progressive.
You want to be with your lover all day.
The list is endless.
Remember these are the things you want to do and when you don’t get to do them your lover still understands and loves you still.

A Simple Question

Apostle Paul asked a simple question in one of his letters: who shall separate us from the love of Christ? And he went further to mention 7 scenarios that are possible points of separation from the love of Christ on our part.

Our reality as Christians is based on this love. That God loved us even while we were yet sinners.

Today, quite a number of Christians have stopped loving Christ, especially the ‘woke’ squad and they are unaware that they are no longer in love with Christ.

Our Separation from Christ’s love

Quite a lot has separated a lot of Christians from the love of Christ and these are all captured in the 7 points of separation from Christ’s love in Romans 8:35.

We can go on ahead and argue about the doctrinal and nondoctrinal issues and we fail to realise that we have fallen out of love for Christ.

When was the last time you did something because of your love for Christ?

Most of our arguments and issues of contentions are now based on not being taken as fools any longer and being wiser now. It is no longer about how it affects the body of Christ.

The body of Christ is under attack today and it is her lovers that should rise up and defend her. When a body is being attacked, the first point of call is the sources of revenue.

A few days ago, someone who I had known for a while came to a public platform where I belong and started a campaign on why it’s not right to pay tithes anymore. He went on to justify why he should take his tithes to beggars in the street.

Giving of alms is noble and should be encouraged, but when you take a major part of your resources to the streets you are simply attacking the revenue source of the body of Christ and indirectly you are fueling the attack on the body of Christ.

You might want to compartmentalize this theory by the uniqueness of our various denominations, but believe me, every denomination is uniquely woven together with every other denomination.

It is the body of Christ with different expressions in our diverse denominations.

In closing, this question is still relevant even today and it calls for a sober reflection: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
Love disregards reasoning and it is never wrong.


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