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reasons why i failed


reasons why i failedThere are several reasons why I failed to achieve some of the goals i set out to achieve last year,  there are also tons of goals I have succeeded in achieving as well. So I can compare both and here’s why I failed to achieve some of these goals.

I was not specific

I was not specific enough in describing and outlining those goals. I simply allowed them to be vague without proper details. I left things to chance.

I had doubts

I doubted my ability to achieve them. I made the mistake of not looking beyond my current circumstance but focused on my current emotional state which was not sufficient to carry the mental burden of those particular goals.

I didn’t do the work

I had my work all lined out but I kept procrastinating to do them when the time was right. This habit took me off track and guess what, the time was never right even now. I didn’t do the work so the goals were never achieved.

Not motivating

Some of the goals I failed to achieve last year were goals I set because of something I heard one preacher say in a sermon, somewhere I read in a book. Yes I was excited at the moment I heard them and set the goals but in the long run I didn’t keep up with the same motivation, so those goals became a burden to me and eventually I abandoned them.

Lack Of commitment

Similar to the previous point, I failed to get committed to the goals I set. The truth is that every goal set just like pregnancy needs special attention. For me, it was like I had so many things going on at the same time and I couldn’t give full commitment to these goals I failed to achieve.


I accepted excuses. You see, excuses come to do just one thing, they come to convince you not to act. It justifies your lack of excellence and commitment and this is not right. Immediately I began to entertain excuses that justified my waiting for perfect timing. I Killed those goals.

I Gave up too Soon

This is the final nail to this episode. When I gave up on these goals, they simply stopped existing. Now I realize it was my sole responsibility to cater for those goals like a mother does to her children.
This piece with the reasons why I failed on these goals is to let you know that your goals are possible if you give them attention, commitment and excellence no matter what.
What will you do differently today?
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Written by Ikwuagwu Igwe

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