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get tired while praying


Often get tired while praying? Here’s why

Prayer, first of all, starts from the flesh and then moves on to the spirit.

Prayer first of all starts as a struggle with your body, mind and environment. This is why you do not normally feel like praying when you should be praying.

Normal Struggle

This struggle is normal but it is not an excuse not to pray. We all go through this struggle but your decision to insist on praying no matter how you feel, what you experience or where you are… is this decision that will see you through overcoming this nature of your body and mind not to want to pray.

Always a Willing Spirit

Your spirit is indeed willing which is the most important thing but the weakness of the flesh is simply a test of your faith, resolve and belief in the need for you to seek the face of your father in prayer.

We start in the flesh but we do not stay in the flesh, because prayer in itself has the capacity to carry you beyond your flesh if you give it time. All your spirit is asking for is more time so it can take over. No wonder your body keeps give you a false illusion of having spent so much time because it is the flesh that gets tired while praying.

Almighty father needs your Prayers…Surprised?

God wants you to pray because he needs your prayer to intervene in your life and cause that desired change to take place. Prayer produces change but it is a prayer that has been given quality time. It is the time you invest in prayer that generates the momentum for cruise control such that you will not know when you have spent hours praying.

We are primarily in need of God to fill us, although this is one need we always fail to acknowledge. Deep within us is this call for God to fill us and that’s why he says that you should open your mouth and He will fill it up for you.


Oh, that men will pray! It is the prayer you pray that changes things, not the prayer you watch, hear or listen to like many people these days do on social media.

We will have less time to complain about the government but more time to pray for kings and those in authority.

Prayer eliminates anger and impatience and increases in you the fruit of the Spirit. I mean genuine prayer from an authentic heart void of offence with God and fellow men.

I have a lot more to tell you but first of all, let us pray for this month of may is the month the Lord has made and we will rejoice and pray in it. In order not to get tired while praying, pray more and fall in love with praying.

Shall we pray?


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