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Start small is always a piece of advice given to entrepreneurs and it can never be overemphasized most especially when the resources you need are not readily available.


But let me ask you: What do you need to have this week?
I mean, what’s that one thing that has fuelled your excuse for so long?
You feel that if you had it, you wouldn’t be where you are today.
Hey! Chill first! Let me shock you!
All of us don’t have it. None of us has it. learn to start small no matter the excuse you have not to start.


You see that particular excuse that you have, it is not helping you at all. Rather it is making you blind to the things that you have. I love the Bible, it is my book of life and ever since I found it, I stopped searching for best sellers because it is my all-time best seller. So, let me share an amazing story from it.


One day, a man lame on both feet sat down as usual at the gate called beautiful leading into the temple begging for alms. Now, this man just like you believed he didn’t have alms so, he needed to ask for it. Peter and John appeared and when the lame man saw them he felt this was his lucky day and he begged them as usual expecting to get what he felt he needed: silver and gold.


Here’s the twist: The lame man was expecting to get what he felt he didn’t have but Peter and John taught him the lesson of his life. They told him we too, there are things we do not have: silver and gold but we choose not to focus on those but on what we have which is the name of Jesus. And hey! there’s something that you have and you need to focus on it as well…

They asked the lame man to look on them. This was the ability to produce a strong focus. And as this man looked on them generating strong faith and his miracle came and he walked by the power in the name of Jesus. You see, all of us don’t have that thing we wish we had, but we all have something that can take us to the next level.


What you need for your promotion is already with you, it is not coming, it has arrived already. So today, look within you and begin to draw from your wells of salvation with joy. What I mean is, list out your qualities as a person.
What makes you special? I mean you must be special because we are all unique individuals.
When you find it, here’s what to do with it in the next paragraph.

That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. Philemon 1:6 KJV.

The key is in recognising every good thing that is in you, then it becomes effective and produce results in your life.
Start by appreciating and thanking God daily for every quality that you possess.


Stop complaining about what you don’t have and start being grateful for the things you have.
This is a week for doing BIG things with small things.
Everything BIG started small. So, start small.
This is your week for BIG things, let me help you recognise what you have, shall we?
Start by sending me a DM.
What did you learn from this post? Share with me in the comments.

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