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How to determine a purpose has always been a hard question to answer among young people, so in this article, I have been able to offer some simple tips on how to do this in a most simple way.

The Question

Did you ever ask yourself the following question at any point in your life or in the course of your business…?

“What’s my purpose?”

If you are reading this, I’m guessing that you have. And, because you just read the question, you are asking yourself that question again or perhaps for the first time.

The question is very important. It is the most important question you can ask yourself. Once you seriously ask yourself that question, it will never let you go. It has a habit of nagging until you give it your full attention to find out the answer.

I believe that life and career fulfillment begins with self-leadership. It begins with addressing this question and finding its answer.

My belief

I personally believe that everyone is a world-class at something on this planet – their purpose. I believe we are all divinely designed for something. You possess the right combination of attributes, strengths, passions, and experience for something only you can provide and fulfill. Regrettably, many people never discover it. Why? Because they fail to ask the right question.

What’s your Purpose?

In one word, what’s your purpose?

This one-word purpose will serve as a reference point in your life, whether personal or professional. My one-word purpose is transformation. My whole being and passion is about transforming people and organizations so they can find their purpose and thrive. So, whenever I face a challenge, an opportunity, or make a decision, I can ask myself: “What’s in it for me?”

What Resonates with you?

“Does this align or resonate with my purpose?”

As long as the answer is “yes”, I keep moving. If the answer is “no”, I stop.Your purpose is like a compass that keeps you on the right track. In other words, it applies to everything you do, be it as a mother, wife, daughter, volunteer, or business owner. Applying your purpose ensures you are who and what you were meant to be. The result…you will achieve what you were meant to achieve.

Once we know our purpose, we must keep it in front of us at all times. Do that and life will become more fulfilling! Do that and you will connect with others living their purpose. Do that and you become a force for good; a force for change.

In Conclusion

how to determine your purpose becomes easy because you must understand the inherent importance of knowing and living your purpose. Think beyond yourself. Living your purpose helps others live theirs. All purposes are interconnected.

How would the world be different if everyone in your home, school, business, town, city, region or nation discovered and lived their purpose? Especially considering the events of today?

I believe most of, if not, all the adverse issues of humanity would be addressed and overcome.

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