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How to be happy from Monday has always been a silent enquiry in most minds especially on a Sunday evening. So, here’s how you can be happy not just on a Monday but throughout the entire week.

1)Start with a positive thought.
Happiness is a state of the mind, but the mind cannot determine its state on its own, it depends on you to feed her. So, you have to intentionally feed her with positive thoughts that will keep you happy all through the week.

2) Create positive physical energy.
Our environment has a way of provoking either positive or negative energy within us. This is what you can do: engage in physical exercise such as running, jogging, push-ups or even riding a bike. Get your heart pumping some extra blood and you will find your high spirits 😉

3) Eat a positive breakfast.
The most important meal of the day is your breakfast, so let’s make it grand. Give your week a first breakfast to remember. Do not stumble into your breakfast, but plan for it and you see yourself eating like the king you are.

4) Choose to feel positive.
Just like number 1, you have to make this choice to be positive and it starts from what you have fed your mind. Listen to the right music that provokes every form of positive feeling in you. Talk with that friend that keeps motivating you.

5) Spend time with positive people.
Hang out with positive friends that will always challenge you to be better. Friends that laugh together, drink together and eat together. The energy generated will surely rub off on you.

6) Create a positive environment.
Dictate what or who you allow around you. You are not a train station that allows anything to come through. You don’t have to open your door to every knock neither do you have to pick up every phone call. Remember, you have a mission to be happy for the entire week and nobody is going to deny you that.

7) End Monday with a positive conclusion.
Determination and resilience is the finishing touch. It doesn’t matter what happens on Monday, make sure you end it happy. You must be resilient that you will be happy today whether you feel like it or not.

How to be happy from Monday to Friday shouldn’t be a difficult thing to achieve in a week but you need to start getting ready for, starting now.

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