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Looking for a purpose coach in Abuja that can help you discover, develop and deploy your purpose? Maybe not for you but for your kids or workers in the office, then here’s your chance to be in the same room with the Purpose coach that combines different approaches to achieve transformation.

Most people wonder what their purpose is on this planet throughout their lives. There’s a desire to find out why they’re here, and how they fit into the big wide world that surrounds them.

Life is so much better when we have a purpose. Whether or not a person is aware of or thinks they have a purpose, they still carry whisperings, no matter how small or large, of something that continues to tug at them. It is possible for people to already be living their purpose without even knowing it.

I want to help you find your place in this world and then pursue your passions with vigor by helping you find, nurture and grow that voice within you.

My entire goal in coaching is to help you discover, develop and deploy your purpose.

Here’s how it works

As a purpose coach in Abuja, my job is to listen beneath the surface of the daily happenings, the body and health, the problems, the joys, the finances, the beliefs, and learnings of each person, to grasp the essence of what lives in the heart of each person.

My beliefs, which were there before we were born, and which will be there after we die, are what I listen to.

Whatever it is that people are asking for, I make it a part of all my work to help them reach their purpose. There is always purpose in it, spoken or unspoken.

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