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Achieve your dreams by carefully observing what I am about to share with you here. You don’t have a dream until you are willing to pay for it. Yes, you heard me right. Every dream is a seed and inside every seed is a potential. What you see as a dream are potentials of what your life can become when you are willing to pay the price.

You cannot achieve your dreams by simply wishing they come to pass. Dreams do not come to pass by chance, they require a conscious effort and work which will consume your time, money and natural endowments. 

Own it

You cannot continue waiting for someone to pay for your dreams, yet you call it your dream. If you are not willing to pay for your dreams, you cannot own that dream.

I cannot agree with you that you do not have money because there’s something that you have that can give you money, and you have tons of them.

Again, you have to take the first step to sponsor your dreams before others will join hands with you. If you allow people to take the first step to sponsor your dreams, they will hijack it. I think I will do the same because no one will let his investment be in the hands of someone who is not willing to commit to the venture financially.

This is how you can start paying for your dreams:

  1. Pay and get trained on what your dream requires you to do. Trust me, natural endowments and talents are not enough.
  2. If you don’t have money with you, then sell some of your prized possessions to get started. There must be something you have to trade with for money.
  3. Start a side hustle with any of your talents and charge money for it. Start with people you spend time with, at least they trust you.
  4. Work for free for an organisation or for someone who you can tap from their wealth of experience and exposure.
  5. Make quality friends intentionally. Trust me, you are nobody without quality friends who sharpen and challenge each other. Partnership breeds increased revenue.
  6. Finally, let your dream rob you of your sleep. Until an assignment takes sleep away from your eyes, your body and your mind will not understand that there’s a dream to accomplish; they will continue to give you flimsy excuses why you cannot achieve them.


I know this has helped you a great deal. Kindly share and pass this along. Tag someone that needs to hear this.

Drop a comment and tell me which one you are willing to implement.

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