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What No One’s Telling You About Writing That Book

If you had been told what I am about to tell you now about writing that book…hmm!

As an author, I encourage people to write books, and recently I am thinking ‘why should people write books?’ I am asking myself: ‘What if I am giving out the wrong reasons or that I am giving off the wrong impression about writing that book?’

This then means that there must be some form of clear cut reasons why you should write a book and not some of the reasons you have assumed for so long.

So, here’s what nobody is telling you about writing that book you have been nursing:

Don’t write a book to make lots of money.

Ironic right? 

Why then should I write a book if not to sell it? 

You see, the business side of writing a book has to be looked at with long term returns in mind. Relying on money from book sales alone is a myopic way of looking at your message embedded in that lovely book of yours.

There are a million and one ways your book can make you long term money apart from book sales. One of such time tested and proven ways are through consulting as an authority in the field you have written on. The depth here is bottomless.

Your story deserves to be shared

You have not considered your story as a message that is timeless. Your book gives a voice to your story. 

I know you have told your story before a group of people but that’s just it, the story barely made beyond your audience. But when your story is in a book and broken down into chapters, then it becomes timeless and borderless.

Your book makes you valuable.

Writing a book doesn’t make you famous but it makes you valuable. Even though you may gain added fame from your published works, you should never forget that the reason behind the gift you have or the story you are telling is simply to add value. 

A value that provides solutions.

When you write a book, you have simply extended and added some valuable lessons for others. 

This is more than fame.

You have not written a book because you have not heard these from anyone before. So I encourage you to share this post and let someone who needs to hear it this way hear it.

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