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2021 goals


Why do goals fail?
Goals fail because people abandon them.
The reasons why people abandon their goals is because they fail to become accountable to those goals.
This is where human frailty sets in.

The Difficult Part

As human beings it is very difficult for us to really be accountable to ourselves especially when it has to do with something that you are not directly obligated to do.

Most times our goals are centred around ourselves, and we feel that we can get away the consequences when we fail to meet up with the responsibilities of keeping up to those goals.

This is why most of the time our goals fail to become realised.

Yes, some people get to realize their goals because they have learnt how to be accountable they have devised a system that keeps them accountable to the responsibilities in making sure those goals come to pass.

So, I am suggesting you my proven formula to successfully fulfilling goals and this is in, having an accountability partner.

Who is an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is someone who is obligated to keep you accountable or someone who understands the responsibility of keeping you accountable to your goals.

This has to be a mutual agreement between both parties.
When you have an accountability partner for all your goals for the year 2021, you get to have a sense of responsibility and you also get to learn how to keep up with the responsibilities that makes sure that your goals come to pass at the end of the day.

In Conclusion

In as much as it is recommended that you set short-term goals so that you can easily measure, quantify and judge how far you have gone, it is also important that you get an accountability partner.
Someone who is well aware of why you have set those goals and why you should fulfil them.

Are you wondering who can be your accountability partner?
Look no further, I am your friend and I can let you keep to those goals.

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