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change your life


Change your life they say, but how can you do that when you don’t even know where to start to change your life? Here is one simple way to do so, that is by creating a digital product that will change your life for good. One example of such a digital product is an online course created by yours truly. Here is how it happens.


You have always had dreams of what to do if given a platform. Well, here’s your own platform. It is time to influence others from your place of knowledge and experience.
You have always wanted to own an intellectual property of your own. Well, here’s one for you to own.
Your wildest dreams can come to pass if you can create an online course today with me because I have got just what you need to do it even if you don’t know where to start.


You just want to touch lives? Then touch lives in the most effective way.
Billions of people are learning online now. And quite a lot of them are being misled with wrong or incomplete information, knowledge and teachings.
Why don’t you lend your voice, experience and knowledge and touch lives exactly where they have gathered to learn…with an online course.
I think it’s about that you do that and overcome the procastination 🤷


What can you do without money? I mean you can never have enough of it as long as it is legitimate right?
Here’s one damn legitimate way to make loads of money and did you hear me say passively?
Which means you don’t have to be directly involved in the process. Just get the course ready, put it out there and it keeps selling on its own without ever running out of stock.
You will be receiving daily alerts like I do.
Imagine what you can do with more money.
Buy a piece of land?
Buy your dream car?
Get married?
Common! The list is endless but it must begin with you signing up for this training.
I will take you by the hand and show you how you can create, record and sell your online course and make $800 in 30days.


If today, you take advantage of my early bird offer of 50% discount, which is by paying ₦5000 instead of the ₦10,000 for the value of ₦250,000 you will gain the following:

Free hosting of your course on coursebarter.com

50% discount offer

Get a free copy of my book on Creating Compelling Solutions for a hungry market.

Free landing page design and sales copy swipe file template.

Free search engine optimisation for your online course.

$150 Google ads coupon

A crash course on building sales funnels and design.
I need just 10 persons for this early bird offer today, after today I will remove these benefits and it goes back to ₦10,000.

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