Ikwuagwu igwe

changed life


The secret to a changed life starts with ordinary scenarios just as John had on this bright and chilly day

It started with a small drizzle while John was just brushing his teeth. He looked through the bathroom window and muttered “oh, it’s just a small drizzle, it will pass”
That was the least of the things on his mind that morning in June. He was more preoccupied with what he was going to teach that morning as a guest speaker in a seminar on how to create a compelling bio, CV, and profile to land high paying jobs as a fresh graduate. The seminar was for the graduating class of his Alma Mata.


Before John could rinse of his mouth and jump into the bathroom, the heavens let out her bowels and that was how it started raining cats and dogs. John thought it would pass but that was how the rain stretched into 4 hours non-stop. He didn’t have a car at that time, so couldn’t move out of the house, and with the rainfall, network coverage was disrupted and he couldn’t reach out or be reached via phone call.


All these could have been avoided if only John had created and recorded an online course on this subject and sell to more than the number of students who had gathered there that morning. This would mean that John would be selling to each student that takes his course assuming he sells it at ₦1000, and up to 1000 students who came out that morning buy it John would have made ₦1,000,000.


When students from other schools hear about the course, assuming he gets extra 3000 sign-ups, he would be making ₦4,000,000 without stepping foot out of his house even if it wants to rain cats and dogs and he can even buy his dream car to avoid being stopped by the rain again. The sales don’t stop, because you never run out of stock with an online course. John could have changed his life if he had done this.


You are the John in this story. You can turn your knowledge and experience into an online course that people can take without disturbing you all the time for your time, experience, and knowledge.
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