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achieving your new year goals


Achieving your new year goals is always a daunting task but if you stick with these 5 secrets, I am sure you will be home and dry.

Rockets, apart from being annoying, are a good representation of the goals that most people pose to start the year. They start with a burning fire. They explode with gusto in January and then they shut down within days. Where before there was great energy, there are nothing left but ashes.

Today I want to share some secrets that have helped me prevent my good intentions from being extinguished. Review them and make your goals for this year that begins to survive beyond March.

1) Choose a single goal and focus

Every time I analyze my life I find ten things I’d like to change. A few years ago, I wanted to stop fizzy drinks, meet new people, grow my business, get my doctorate degree and make several trips, all at the same time. I ended up frustrated and overwhelmed, trying to divide my time and attention to move forward with each of my goals.

To avoid this, I began to develop something I call a singular approach. This means choosing one thing you’re going to work on and not being distracted until you achieve it. Once you’re done with that one, you pick another one and you do the same thing.

Here’s something I did last year

2) Let yourself fail

Working for a goal is like walking on the tightrope. You’re staggering back and forth, trying to keep your balance to cross.

Similarly, when you want to make a change or meet a resolution, you need to be flexible. You don’t have a firm floor yet. If something doesn’t work the way you expect, adjust the strategy.

There may even be days when you fall. Shake and climb back on the rope. Try it over and over until you get to the other end.

3) Make an image board with your resolutions

I had heard about the image boards and I found them somewhat interesting but last year was the first time I made one. In the center I put an image of how I wanted to feel. Around I plastered the house, the work team, the body and the growth I wanted to have.

I kept it in a folder and checked it every 15 days. During the year there were times when I felt lost, but seeing my board I remembered what was important to me. In this way, I reconnected with my intentions and thought about the steps or actions that would bring me closer to the vision of my ideal life. Things were gradually given and I met 7 of the 12 goals I met.

4) Create a goal notebook

This is similar to the goal board only written. It’s a notebook you reserve to track your goals. Think of it as the sketch or command center for your plans.

Use it to write action steps, questions that arise, ideas, notes, information you need to find out and purchases you want to make. You can even have a “Diary” section and write down the feelings that arise in the process of achieving your goal.

Through your notes, goals are no longer an intangible idea in the ether. They gain weight and begin to crystallize. Achieving your new year goals is an activity worth doing on its own, trust me.

5) Make monthly reviews

If you want your resolutions to survive the momentum of the new year, you need to keep them in mind. One of the routines that has helped me the most to achieve this is to do monthly reviews. On the last Friday of each month, I sit down with my pc and do the following:

  • I check my dashboard and goal notebook
  • Record the progress, mistakes, setbacks and learning I’ve had
  • I set out next steps to take
  • I’m making a plan for next month.

This helps me take perspective on my efforts and keeps me motivated to continue working for the life I want.

Now I’d like to know,

  • What are your resolutions for this year that begins?
  • Do you have any other tips for achieving New Year’s resolutions?

Jump into comments and share or you can talk to me directly here on whatsapp on  achieving your new year goals

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