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3 Ways to Record your Online Course Without Sitting in Front of a Camera.

The fear of sitting in front of a camera has denied our continent Africa a lot of online courses that should have been launched.

Who knows this may be the cause for the delay in quite a number of solutions that are long overdue.

Camera shyness is not a death sentence so you shouldn’t give up on sharing that idea in a course because you are camera shy.

While you work on your confidence before the camera, there are quite a number of ways you can still launch your contents in such a way that the entire continent can partake of it.

You can still work on your great idea through these solutions outlined here while you work on your camera shyness.

1. Create an eBook with illustrations figures pictures and stories:

This is the simplest yet an effective way to share your thought these days. An ebook is light and flexible because it can be read from different kinds of devices and can also be easily shared.  Here’s what Gladys has to say when she did one, see here.

Try doing one today using the tips outlined here

2. Host a podcast broken into series:

This way you can teach what you know and record it and attach slides to illustrate your great idea:

Your smart phone has a feature called voice recording which if you can use in a quiet place can give you very cool and crisp audio recording. With this, you can share your story with the world.

3. Record your online course using your smartphone:

This is one I can vouch for because I created it and have seen it work with amazing testimonies coming from it, you too can try it out and have your online course out there for the world to see. 

Here’s what Mrs Charity has to say after taking this course.

And Mrs Ebere Njoku, an author and international blogger has this to say also

Faith Okpoyo, an editor, writer and blogger at faith’s pen said this as well.

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