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Transformational coaching helps you navigate through the crossroads of life; at various points in our life, we find ourselves at a crossroads. 

The fact is that we know some change is necessary, but we’re unsure of what type and how much we are willing to accept. 

While transformations require dramatic changes, transitions are more of a direct path between two points. 

With almost 20 years of experience coaching clients seeking transformational change in their lives, I’ve noticed some confusion between the different approaches to professional and life coaching. 

So, I will answer the question “What is Transformational Coaching?” in this post. 

Transformational Coaching: What is it and how does it work?

This involves working with someone to support them through a significant change that helps them to grow, develop, and “rewrite their reality.” 

This type of coaching is founded on the premise that you should examine everything that could serve the transformation. 

You will be evaluated holistically, including your cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may facilitate or thwart change. 

In contrast to transitional, goal-oriented, or situational coaching, transformational coaching focuses on addressing a specific challenge. This focuses on and achieving a particular goal. 

Professional environments often experience this. The transitional coach assists you in moving from one job to the next. While the transformational coach empowers you to completely rethink your professional goals. 

You might even be able to rewrite the standards of what a professional life should be with regard to your whole life. 

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