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Transformational coaching is a wholesome approach to produce change. This is by engaging the client to become aware, aligned and act towards the desired result.

Transitional coaching differs from transformational coaching in how it unfolds. 

A transitional approach involves the setting of goals and the coaching takes place in a linear way.

A transformational approach, on the other hand, is a process where awareness, alignment, and action all work together. As co-equal catalysts to create energy and momentum around a topic. 


My goal is to build a thorough understanding of what you want to accomplish. While also building an awareness of any assumptions and thoughts you may have about your topic. 

I view any question as an opportunity to find out what you know about the subject. 

After I have examined your newfound awareness, I will see if it aligns with your desired outcome. 

In the end, I set actionable goals around the topic and work on them together. 

You can approach your challenge in many ways with this methodology. Since there are many sources of information and inspiration available to you. 

Learn from various sources, including courses, books, and podcasts, so you can synthesize and find what works for you. 

All options are presented, rather than evaluating answers on a two-dimensional basis. This is so you are able to make an informed choice. 

Because you are simply trying to get from point A to point B; a transitional coaching engagement can take as little as three sessions. 

In contrast, transformational coaching will require more time. Nonetheless, it can be much more rewarding because you’re designing an entirely new outlook and outcome. 

In my transformational coaching method, I focus on you (the client) becoming the end results. This way, change is sustained towards the expected results.

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