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Culture can shock you, especially one that is not familiar to you. This was my experience many years ago with regard to dreads. Thinking about this today I ask myself: why are we not embracing the culture shock of dreads?

Why do People Get Shocked By Culture?

As a young pastor back then in the university, I detested dreads. At that time, my worldview was stereotyped due to the information available to me and the level of exposure I had. I also had a personal bias for guys who chose to braid their hair based on what I had been taught. It all boils down to what you’ve been taught and who taught you.

In all of this I was in a particular denomination that welcomed women wearing trousers and not covering their hair, (do people still argue about this these days?) At this point, I’ve come to see culture and tradition as a way of life people adapted to suit their needs at the time these dogmas were formed. 🤔

The Need for Culture.

So I ask today, are the needs that gave birth to these cultures and traditions we are still clinging on, are they still valid? For example, the African culture and tradition of a wife kneeling down to serve her husband food. We were told it was a sign of respect and humility from the wife to the husband.

Consider this; at that time the level of knowledge and prevailing style in woodwork were low stools and low tables.

The clothing style of the women at that time was to tie their wrappers just beneath their armpits. So in bending so low to serve food on a low table, the woman will be concerned with her wrappers falling off (please don’t laugh) and in order to rule out this possibility, she has to kneel and set the table for her lord and husband.

Fast Forward to This Culture Today.

Today, clothing style has changed likewise furniture, we now have dining tables with higher stools/chairs and tables.
This is far more comfortable to serve food on because you would be standing. You can see now how advancement has invalidated that need to kneel down and serve your husband.


Should you stick with the culture and tradition of wives kneeling down to serve their husbands food or would you rather focus on the delicacy before you and enjoy what life has gifted you?

Do I still have a bias against guys with braids and dreads? No. It’s culture and it’s been shocked and disrupted already; you can’t do anything about it but adapt, innovate and create solutions.The culture shock of dreads is real.

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