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These are skills that will help you make someone’s work or life easier and they will pay anything for it. All you need is a laptop, or on a limited scale your smartphone.

If I with no educational background in IT can learn and make tons of money from these, then you too can.Apart from Architecture which is my primary proffession, these skills pay my bills from day to day, they sustain my ministry, and they help me stay relevant in the lives of so many businesses, organisations and people.

Personally, these skills helped me build my 6figure digital consulting firm out of nothing. Here they are:

1. Canva design skills:

Anybody can learn this skill because it is straight to the point and user friendly to design anything needed by businesses and individuals today. Get canva here

2. Wondershare filmora:

This is a video editing software that helps you edit breathtaking videos. it is a worthy skill to have especially if you are a content creator, you don’t need to start from Adobe Premiere, trust me.

3. AAA logo:

This is software that helps you create awesome logos for clients. Any kind of logo can be created from this software and it give it to you in high resolutions and also in PNG formats.

4. Flixpress:

This service helps you animate your business logo and brands to wow your customers and clients.

5. Headliner:

This is a great tool that helps you record and present your podcasts with some style.

Go ahead and look up each one on Google to learn more. But if you need one on one coaching on each or all of them, I am all yours for a fee.

Wanna learn any of these? Watch out for my next post but if you want it sharp sharp, head straight to my DM.Have I helped you with this post? Let me know 😊

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