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Life Stories #1

Some years ago I needed and got a web designer to translate and develop an idea I had. when the website was done I needed a few corrections here and there; and that was the beginning of my problem. To make these corrections became a tug of war and it dragged on for months until I was exhausted.
I was at the verge of letting go of my initial idea of having the website because at this point funds were not very much available. While I thought of what to do, I began to explore the internet on how websites work to see if I could do some of those corrections. Fortunately for me I began to see possibilities of designing my own websites.

Let me tell you a little about me, I am a practicing Architect @Zero1logistics, and as an Architect, my brain has been wired to think along the lines of solving problem with a design. As a personal philosophy and natural gifting, I specialize in breaking down problems into sizable solutions.
This I believe helped in always making me see that I could do the impossible.

This was how I began teaching myself web design. With tutorials from YouTube and guidance from Chibueze Toc Anyanwu, I was able to breakthrough and learn with a focus on WordPress. Subsequently I took up courses from Cousera and Alison which helped to polish me.

I set up a company ( zero1media ) to give a platform to other young people who might not be so privileged to have the connections and guidance that I have.
Why am I telling this story?
I have not taken up a career in web design. It is my hobby and I derive joy doing it with WordPress although I have made quite a lot of money designing websites for clients.

I am telling my story because I want to give back. I want to give back in two ways by saying:

1. You are the custodian of your dreams and ideas. You have all it takes to do anything that your mind has conceived. As long as you have conceived it, you can do it and you have all the necessary resources right there in you. So this I am willing to do, to call this forth in the lives of 5 young people who I am going to choose if you reach out to me.
2. I am looking for 2 young graduates with a versatile knowledge of the computer and internet who I can train in web design using WordPress free of charge.
This is my story. I hope I have not bored your evening.

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