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How Vision Gave us a Way Out

Dina and I agreed to marry at a very young age. I was 27 and she was 25, this was during my final defence in the university while she was in her 300 level. We were young vibrant and fond of each other. We loved our dreams in life and respected each other’s even they were totally different.

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We had decided to marry immediately after my graduation but we knew it was going to be an uphill task. There was no job in view and Dina was still in school. I graduated and we got married. It was a quiet wedding held in front of both families and close friends in our local church during a Sunday service with light refreshment afterwards.

Soon after the wedding, the job I was doing fell apart, the company had issues and declared redundancy and I was among those that were let go. Things suddenly took a difficult and windy turn. Feeding was almost a struggle and it was at this point that Dina became pregnant. The whole situation rocked us, our relationship and the family life, it stretched us and we began to see strains in our relationship.

One night we were sifting through our box of school books looking for a particular textbook for Dina’s school research work the next day and we stumbled upon this picture of us in the school cafeteria. We paused and started talking about the day we took the picture. It was a date we talked about our vision for marriage and family life. This was before we got married.

We had a vision which included a statement of how to deal with any challenge or crisis that comes. It was an eye opener for us that evening and we agreed to go back to our vision to deal with the circumstances at the moment. We put it right before us afresh; the next day as we got ready to go out we talked about the vision again. We kept this on for a week and gradually life began to make sense all over again. The fondness in our relationship came back and we loved life and marriage all over again.

Vision at this point was the bomb that did the magic in our marriage. Through our vision we realized that there was something I could do if I am not employed. Today I am an employer of labour, smiling to the bank regularly.

Being a family gave us an opportunity to have a vision, and this vision keeps us going and alive every year. My message to fellow young couples: As You Are Going to Be Family, catch a vision and never let it go, it’s a fire that never goes out.

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