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First, before dawn is God\’s perfect gift to you to program your day. It is a blank canvas to paint your perfect day. So what are you going to paint it? Come with me let\’s see how you can make the best of this precious and rare moment.


Psalm 119:147 I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in your word.

Here comes your perfect morning quiet time recipe from the Psalmist. Right before the day breaks, my morning ritual should take place right on my bed. Submit to God in Prayer and time spent on looking into the scriptures for hope and direction.

Easy to assimilate huh?

But not so easy to do because not many do it.

Why is this so?

Hang on, I will tell you just now.


In life, first things should always come first, and this is important because when we attempt to or actually put first things in positions that is not first, then we are simply putting the cart before the horse.

Now, do you know that when you put the cart before the horse, movement will be hampered. This explains why most times you end your day frustrated, angry, bitter and full of regrets; just because you had put first things second.

Life has 2 categories of people, the first are those who react to situations and watch things happen to them or for them. Now, this category of persons are the ones who will react to their frustrations and bad days. The second category of persons are the ones who make things happen. They don’t wait around to find out what will be but they take the initiative to lead. These ones turn situations and bad events in their favour.


To belong to this second category of people you need to learn how to apply this principle of putting first things first in your life first before dawn like the Psalmist says in the above scripture.

This is because it is either you are living your life by chance or that you are living your life consistently and deliberately. When you are deliberate with your rituals first before dawn then you are simply programming your day the way it should be. So I am asking you now: Can you be deliberate and intentional before you rise from your bed first before dawn?

If your answer is yes, then come with me…


Science tells us that your dopamine is always high in the morning, and this is the chemical in your brain usually responsible for your creative abilities. This is why you should not play with your mornings first before dawn.

Now, this is where having your quiet time comes in. I am not talking about your traditional family morning devotion, rather I am talking about that place of quietness within your spirit, where you can envision your day before your feet hits the floor. This is because what you do first before dawn determines the kind of experience you are going to have all day.


In conclusion, learn to put first things first. When you put God first, you will win at the end of the day. This is where you understand that all things are working together for your own good. You are not scared of surprises because nothing comes to you by surprise when you have sought and found God’s face first before dawn..

Your morning doesn’t have to be noisy, this is why it is called a quiet time.

Isaiah 30:15…in quietness and confidence shall be your strength and ye would not.

When you meet God forst before dawn, then a perfect closure is guaranteed for you.

Image by Himsan from Pixabay

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