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You can record your amazing online course idea like a pro in 48hrs using only your smart phone even if you are not a techie.

This online course is your simplest guide to recording an online course without spending a fortune even if it is your first time.

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Ikwuagwu Igwe, is a respected coach who mentors several authors and content creators all over Africa to create valuable and solution based contents which has generated well over 100 Million Naira

I want to show you very simple ways you can record an amazing online course video using only your smart phone.

Yes, you heard me right. Your smart phone, the very smart phone you are holding right now.

Unbelievable right? Stop kidding me, we are in an era of technology and I want to burst your bubble by showing you how professional that your online course will look when you record it with your smart phone.

I am going to teach you the following:

1. How to prepare your teaching/lesson notes with your smart phone without typing a single word.

2. How to prepare your slides with your phone.

3. How to edit your videos and add subtitles without having to type them.

4. How to blend your slides with your audio recording without breaking a sweat.

This Online Course contains:

  • Video on how you can type out your slide contents without typing with your fingers but with your voice.
  • Video on how you can prepare your slide with free and easy to use slide templates. 
  • Video on the list of gadgets needed, and they are absolutely free to use, which means you don’t have to burn a hole into your pocket. 
  • Video that shows how to blend your voice with your slides without breaking a sweat.
  • Video on how you can use google keyboard. 
  • A 1 week accountability partner that will ensure you complete your recording and launch that course to start making money for you.


  • Access to my signature eBook on how to create a compelling Solution.

  • ¬†Access to my personal online course creation template.

Hear what people like you are saying about this course...

I have been creating best selling and profitable online courses and this one is actually the one that empowers content creators like me who are not techies to utilize their smart phones and put their digital products out there.
This is me saying that this course will transform your content creation story!

-ikwuagwu igwe

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If you don’t get this online course now:

  • You may never finish recording that your precious online course.
  • You will continue to struggle with recording your online course.
  • You will not know the free gadgets that will transfor your content creation journey

Hear what people like you are saying about this course...

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