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Post Covid-19 Church


Post covid-19: Long before the covid-19 pandemic, a landslide had already taken place concerning ministry. The way we reach out to the world with the gospel had taken a new direction; our administrative process had taken a new direction, our coming together to fellowship with brethren had changed, our giving method had also changed.

Many ministries had been operating in denial to these obvious changes until covid’19 struck with its social distancing directives. It suddenly laid bare our inadequacies, unreadiness, and sluggish approach to change.

The world has changed; and if we are to reach the world with this message of the gospel, we then must embrace change and not fight it. Swimmers will tell you that the water current is constantly changing and you cannot fully master this constant change except you embrace and take advantage of its willingness to carry you. Just like a swimmer, our ministries must adapt to the ever changing current and allow its willingness to carry the gospel to grow.

Technology has come to stay-we are never going back to the stone age, rather we are constantly faced with an ever-evolving technology.


The 21st century ministry is not meant to wait and see what will happen with the times, but we are supposed to determine our own stories devoid of excuses and failure for not reaching the ends of the earth with this gospel.

Our ministries are alive and breathing because they are made up of several living facets and departments. Most of these known traditional ministry departments like prayer, evangelism, follow-up e.t.c are still working with a far back modus operandi with ever limited results. But in essence, they can do much better than they are doing now because of the abundance of available tools at our convenience.


Every form of technology, no matter the inventor has an unseen purpose for the gospel. There is no technology too big for God to use in order to move the gospel, but we as ministries must be ever willing to know them, and deploy them for the kingdom of God.

So, in the light of the post corvid-19 fast approaching, it has become imperative that any ministry willing to standout in this world must use technology deeper than the eyes can see. We must also go the extra mile to develop our own technologies that can solve some of our immediate relative problems and challenges.


Post covid’19 will see us as ministries experience difficulties keeping our physical gatherings and her rites because a lot more people have already started considering virtual worship by reason of our corporate cultures fast going virtual with work and roles.

Indeed, you can see with me that change has taken place for a long time now and the same change has caught up with us. If there is a change, then our conversations regarding ministry and fulfilling our divine calling and assignments must also change.

Our ministry and various ministry departments modus operandi must allow the willingness of the water current to carry us.


In conclusion, Join me in this conversation of “The Post covid-19 Ministry/Church with regards to technology.” Let us together see a new course charted for us and the obvious opportunities and possibilities that are present because of the sudden need to reach out to more people virtually.

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