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New Book Release – The Internetscape Architect by an Abuja Architect

Abuja Architect Writes


Written by an prolific Abuja Architect, Internetscape Architect is a book of the moment for architects. 

As an architect in the 21st century, you are not left out of the 21st century challenges. Each era and movement is

attendant with its own peculiar challenges and trends. The Architect who wants to stand out in this era especially an Abuja architect must find a way to rise above the present challenges in order to be ready and \"\"able to brace the coming trend and


The Architect and the world around him

The world where the Architect lives and practices his profession has become one global village-so minute and compressed in a

sphere called the internet. The internet has broken down barriers between boundaries. It has brought billions of people from

all works of life under one roof. With this kind of capacity the internet  has, it should therefore be viewed as one powerful tool.

A powerful tool available to those who can take advantage of it, and create a peculiar niche among its many niches. Permit me

to say that the architect is not left out of this global sphere.

As a practicing Abuja Architect, I have written this book to show the wider perspective of our practice and its dominace over all other stakeholders in the building industry.

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT  http://waterways.com.ng/shop/ from  THE 15TH OF SEPTEMBER, 2017.

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