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Excuse me Dance

Dancers will tell you that the best dance is the one done with a partner, business men will tell you the best business option for business is partnership, and then the Bible tells us that two is better than one because when they lie down they can warm themselves. Why is this so? This is because of the mutual sharing that takes place. Life is so much better when shared, no wonder God looked at Adam and concluded it wasn’t good for him to remain alone.

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In as much as it is good and pleasant to partner with another; an emphasis must be laid on who you partner with. The arm of flesh (man) will surely fail; meaning that a human partner is not guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Who then can you partner with?

 The scripture in Romans 8:26 New International Version (NIV) says: In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

 This verse gives us a solution to this dilemma; The Holy Ghost Himself. The Holy Ghost is a person you can relate with. He helps our weaknesses and shortcomings. The word help in the scripture above carries a particular meaning. It is the assistance offered by any two persons to each other who mutually bear the same burden or carry it between them.

The Holy Ghost offers this help and role in your life; this is his primary assignment and function. He is a gentle being, he is always waiting for you to invite him, and it is just his nature. He helps you to dance through life. I know you can dance alone but it is more fulfilling when you dance with Him.

This particular scripture tells us that the Holy Ghost Himself plays this role, He doesn’t assign this responsibility to anyone, not to an angel nor any prophet but Himself takes it personal to be there with you both physically and spiritually.  He takes it personal to dance with you whether you can dance or not. Your life can be a dance, and when it is a dance the Holy Ghost makes the dance worth wile.

The Holy Ghost is asking you for a dance today, wherever you are, whoever you are, you can have something with the Holy Ghost. He is the best friend you can have; he is out to help you out of your past and current mess. He is a cleaner, he can cover your tracks, His wisdom and tactics are unpredictable. He can figure out a way out of your dilemma and at the same time show you better options to make up for lost time.

 You can have this dance of life if you so desire, it is a simple process; why don’t you hook up with me and let’s talk about it. For I know that your life can take a fresh turn towards peace, joy and flourishing. Out of experience I have come across several people, men and women who came in contact with the Holy Ghost and their lives took a fresh breath.

If you have had an encounter with the Holy Ghost, please share your experience on the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Excuse me Dance”

    1. Ajenisi AJ, I am delighted to meet you here. The Holy Ghost is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He can be whatever you have wished for, He is the power of God. He is the Best experience you can ever have. I would suggest you contact the writer of this piece to explain more. God bless you!

  1. I first had a conscious encounter with the Holy Ghost in my first year in the university and my life has never taken a down turn since then. He is the Best partner one can have. Thank you for presenting Him in this light.

  2. My experience with the Holy Ghost is one that can not be compared to anything. Ha! I am just speechless, He makes life peaceful.

  3. I have not known a better friend than the Holy Spirit. Just like Jesus said that He will take His place in my life, and He has always kept me on the path of the miraculous. I have experienced untold miracles daily with the Holy Spirit.

  4. The Holy spirit has really helped my weakness. habits that i had struggled with were handled when i allowed him to help me. This is my own experience

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