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Defining your life purpose

Your Life Purpose Definition

Your life purpose definition is the first assignment you should accomplish immediately you come of age. This is what defines the main reason you were put on earth. What are you here to do? It is more than just make it to the end of the day at hand. Defining your life purpose is more than to just have fun all day long, so defining your life purpose is very important, it stands out from all other assignments.

No wrong Answers

The phrase “there are no wrong answers” has never applied more as when it comes to the defining your life purpose. There is no such thing as a wrong life purpose. And your life purpose is NOT going to be the same as your friend or your sister or your mother or your children or your role models, so own up to being unique and special! Pay attention here because many shall try to dissuade you from your life purpose, and if you have doubts yourself, you will not be convinced and confident after all.

Your life purpose could be

…to champion or see through a particular cause.

…make sure orphans find families.

…to preserve cultural heritage in the danger of extinction

… writing story books for kids.
… race in marathons and raise money for charities.
… create information products to help others.
… impart the knowledge of yoga.
… take pictures Mother Nature.
… to reduce poverty, hunger or suffering of others.
… raising your baby to be a upstanding proud citizen.
… contributing to the advancement of science.
… helping someone overcome the fear of living fully.
… dancing.
… uplifting humanity in your own quirky ways.
to be the greatest Mom in the world.
… inspiring the elderly.
… to rescue homeless dogs.
… teaching a community how to be healthy.
… building homes for the homeless.
… reducing crime.
… integrating trust and love back into humanity.

Essential Details

And this includes all the details you can insert in between

You may roll your eyes at some of the above examples but to the person who holds that life purpose, it’s no laughing matter. It’s real and it’s true for them, and nothing shall come between them and this purpose once they know it and believe it. Because they’ll know that fulfilling that life purpose is what brings them alive and gives them hope and makes their life meaningful.

When you are able to define your life purpose, your life takes a dramatic turn of focus and strategy. You will have a continuous source of energy for every task.

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