Ikwuagwu igwe


Crew change day was such a happy day, I always looked forward to it; such memories.

I remember when I worked in an oil rig as part of a crew.

We worked 12hrs shift rotation for 2weeks stretch.

Towards the end of our 12hrs shift, the next crew would come in to relive us of whatever task we were currently doing.

This is to ensure that there would be no down time for each operation.

A down time for my company is a period of time when there is no production, in this case no drilling activity.

A down time is a loss, and in that industry loss is not allowed.

While in Church today, I thought about our lives with God, when the scriptures talks about God watching over us without sleep nor slumber.

God doesn\’t have room for a down time with you.

Consider the scenario of Jacob in Genesis 28:12 when he had a dream of Angels ascending and descending on a ladder that reached out into Heaven.


For me, I see it as an angelic crew change.

Remember, God doesn\’t have room for a downtime.

As your angels are ascending, some more are descending, simply to be at your beck and call.

This week, you will not experience any sort of down time.

Your angelic crew change is going to be seamless- no downtime with God.

As you exhaust any particular connection or access, another one is showing up seamlessly.

This is God for you my friend.

As you sleep tonight, TRUST HIM seamlessly.
He\’s got you! 

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