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6 Actions to Turn your Church Social Media Around

Actions to turn your Church Social Media around abound every day around us. They are the same common things we do everyday as individual as we surf through the various social media platforms. These actions to turn your church social media around are simple and they can help any church to stand out in the midst of the noise.

Are you ready to take these actions to turn your church social media around?

Action #1: Be concise

Twitter forces you to be concise which is fantastic. But do the same on other platforms. People are scanning your content and you have approximately 2 seconds of their attention. Help them engage by keeping it simple and readable

Action #2: Give people a reason to follow you

Why should people follow your church on social media? What is the compelling reason why they would? What reasons are you giving people to regularly engage with your feeds? People have a thousand choices on any single day. Choose your content wisely and give them no excuse not to follow you on social media. 

Action #3: Use video

I said at the start of this year (listen here) that video was going to be huge this year. And all of the different major platforms are increasing their video content. They know ultimately that is where the digital convergence is. Did you know that on Facebook you will automagically reach more people with native Facebook embedded video? Read how I leveraged this and how you can too here.

Action #4: Be picky about what you share

You may choose to share content from other sources but not everything that is sharable is worth sharing. Choose wisely and ask yourself how this supports your overall social media strategy and how relevant it is to your audience.

Action #5: Develop a keen ear for social listening

Social media isn’t just all about what you have to say. Did you know that your audience is already talking about you? You can find out what people are saying for search around hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, check-ins on Facebook and Instagram or mentions on all of those platforms. 

Action #6: Invest with budget

A few years ago just ahead of the monetisation of Facebook I made this prediction about having to have a budget. And it is now fact. Social media is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach new people and grow your audience. 

I am sure there are more actions you feel one can still take to turn a church\’s social media around, why dont you share them in the comments section.

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